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Control your landbank
Feodal.Online integrates an automated audit of land plots, visualization, landbank monitoring and information from the StateGeoCadastre and the State Register of Property Rights (SRPR) in a single user window.
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Our company entered the market in 2019. Since then, we have conducted more than 400 audits for territorial communities and thousands more audits of farmers. Our system is now available in almost every region of Ukraine. Each quarter we develop new functionality for our users and improve the usability of the system. Our mission is to develop and expand the farmers' land bank, to help fill the budget of territorial communities through efficient land asset management, and to minimize the carbon footprint whilst using resources sustainably.

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Landbank management for farmers in an integrated system containing all information about land plots and lease agreements

  • Expiration dates of contracts
  • Land plots not subject to contracts
  • Landbank of competitors
  • Export of data into Excel
  • Notifications on changes of rights in the SRPR
  • Monitoring the status of the landbank by the USREOU code
  • Technical losses and many more...
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Landbank management for the territorial communities in a single system

  • Land map of the territorial community with all the information from the StateGeoCadastre and the SRPR
  • Monitoring of unauthorized land usage enables keeping a record of land grants
  • Thematic maps: normative monetary valuation of land, risks, restrictions
  • And other functionalities to effectively fill the budget
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Provision and monitoring of data via the StateGeoCadastre database. Obtaining information on the landbank by the USREOU code or TIN in the SRPR database

  • Information on the counterparty's land bank status
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Monitoring the land bank by the USREOU code or TIN via the Telegram bot

  • Adjustable frequency of notifications
  • Option to monitor any competitor
  • Visualized map
  • List of cadastral numbers
  • Explication
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A design organization offering professional and timely project documentation for your land inventory.
Expansion of the landbank, accounting of lease agreements, comprehensive information on competitors' land plots, digitization of fields, awareness of technical losses and unauthorized land use
Monitoring of lease agreements of agricultural producers, visualized information on illegal occupation of community land, field roads, land cultivation with no title documents, complete information on land plots sourced from the StateGeoCadastre and SRPR. Consequently, the community budget is filled.
Automated service for obtaining and monitoring information on land plots by the USREOU code or TIN.

Learn about the counterparty's landbank, its total area, the administrative districts where the land is cultivated and export all the cadastral numbers to Excel in one click.

The first-ever landbank monitoring in such an easy-to-use form. All you need to do is enter the USREOU code or TIN in the Telegram bot, and receive information on the landbank of the counterparty with the option of customized notification on the landbank status.
We support farmers' commitment to becoming more efficient by encouraging them to mitigate their carbon footprint and effect on the environment.