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Land audit and
landbank management for farmers

Data from the StateGeoCadastre and the SRPRIP in a single system

A consolidated platform of all data from state registers
Geospatial mapping of the landbank
Landbank audit
Mapping of cultivation edges, automatic risk calculation

An audit is essential if:

You are a farmer looking to expand the landbank
You want to be aware of your own and your competitors' lease expiry dates
You wish to promptly receive data on land plots from the StateGeoCadastre and the SRPRIP
You want to see where and how much land your competitors cultivate
You choose to minimize risks associated with the cultivation of land plots
You need to quickly export data from registers into Excel

Land user
map visualization

FE Kolos
USREOU 756424853
2 hectares
Agrodar LLC
USREOU 756424853
5 hectares
FE Viktoria
USREOU 756424853
3 hectares

Control the validity
of lease agreements

Lease term
over 5 years
Lease term
2 years
Lease term
2-5 years

Get an audit in the Feodal.land system

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Frequently asked questions

What is the required amount of hectares for a landbank audit?
For farmers who cultivate 50-100 hectares and intend to expand their landbank, the audit will lead the way to those plots of land pending for a tenant.

If a farm's land bank is 500 hectares or more, the system will allow for proper accounting, control of lease terms and land boundaries, understanding of one' opportunities and risks, and non-stop expansion of the landbank.
How much does an audit cost?
The cost of the audit is formed for each enterprise and is calculated from the number of plots owned by a particular former village council.
What are technical losses and how are they recorded?
By technical losses, we mean 'under-cultivated' land plots, i.e. when the actual cultivation of a plot covers less area than its legal boundaries are.

As a result of applying the cadastral map to the satellite images, the system automatically calculates how many hectares are 'under-cultivated' in each cadastral number.
Does the system provide for demo access?
We stand ready to show what the system looks like via a convenient communication platform (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).
Why can't I access the same information on the public cadastral map?
The public cadastral map does not contain complete information on land plots. The Feodal.land platform has integrated information from two state registers (the StateGeoCadastre and the SRPRIP) so that the user can quickly see all data about a land plot and get a general analysis of the term of each enterprise or commodity producer's lease agreement. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to see the cultivation boundaries, automated calculation of technical losses and risks of illegal occupation of land.
Will the system work if I want to buy land?
The system provides information about available land plots and land plots with no lease agreements. However, if you want to buy or sell farmland, we recommend using the specialized marketplace for the purchase and sale of agricultural land Zemelka.ua.


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