Manage perfectly, manage automated


What is Feodal FMS?

This is a system that revolutionizes the idea of enterprise data management!

feodal Fms

Automated data collection

Analysis and data management

Our experience

We entered the FMS market because we know that agro can be more automated and easier to manage, and innovations are available to everyone regardless of the size of hectares. We have managed to teach hundreds of farmers to expand and control their land assets, successfully compete, and be a few steps ahead of others.

Now we're here to help you manage your business simply and perfectly, without hiring workers, without spending effort on endless input and recording of information. Let the system do it for you - and you make management decisions! We will be with you!

If you have a field, get the MAXIMUM out of it.

Satellite image analysis

Crop analysis has never been easier

Plant growth analysis

Plant water deficit

Field flooding

Terrain analysis

Analysis of a wide range of satellite information, but with a maximum simple interface - see more, analyze better.


Get free, ongoing support and expert advice on field analysis.

Equipment monitoring and quality control of work performed.

Current status of equipment and monitoring of movement, refueling, parking, and route of equipment.

Control of fueling and fuel drainage.

Automatic field task planning and scheduling.

Analysis of equipment usage.

Weather monitoring

More than 70 weather parameters in quick access and easy display

Global forecast, information from local weather stations, and historical weather data.

Customize widgets and keep only
the information you need

Technological maps

Planning and closing work - it's no longer difficult, it's automated

feodal Fms

Planning the execution of any operations

Automated tracking of work progress and completion

Ability to verify compliance with requirements and quality of operations execution

Automated calculation of the cost of operations execution

Manage easily and efficiently!